Urine Drug Testing (UDT) has become an essential tool in the treatment of pain management. When physicians seek to verify their patients’ adherence to prescribed opioid regimens and detect the use of illicit or unauthorized licit drugs, Pinnacle Labs can provide customized urine drug tests. The results of these tests have important consequences in regards to therapeutic decisions and the relationship between physicians and their patients. Depending on the results, the level of trust between both parties can be affected in a negative way if substance abuse is confirmed. The accuracy of the results can heavily depend on choosing the right laboratory. At Pinnacle Labs, we guarantee prompt and accurate results of such tests. Here are some of the benefits of UDTs:


  • ● Non-Invasive — As opposed to drawing a blood specimen, which may require a patients’ consent, the collection of a urine specimen is non invasive. When the specimen is collected, there is typically an ample volume of urine to be used for testing.
  • ● Stability — Drugs and the drug metabolites that are found in urine are typically stable. Urine specimens sometimes contain detectable levels of drug use over an extended period of time and at a high concentration. If high levels of drug metabolites are found in the urine specimen, further evidence of drug use/abuse can be provided.
  • ● Detectability — Drugs of abuse in urine (DAU) testing can often have short windows of opportunity to detect drug abuse. For most drugs, these periods can be up to three days. For other drugs with high lipid solubility, evidence can remain in urine for a longer period of time. Benzodiazepines can last up to 21 days, and cannabinoids can last in urine up to 60 days.
  • ● Readily Preserved — Urine specimens can be quickly and easily preserved by either refrigeration or freezing.